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Nomad Watch

Personal Project

Watches are a great combination of jewellery making, engineering and design. Watchmaking is packed with tradition, so most of the well known brands use the same design formula for decades. I wanted to make something conventional, yet fresh in appearance. The shape of the Nomad watch is classic, so I played with the surface finish and colour to achieve a contemporary look. Leather watch strap was replaced with a sleek looking silicone strap. I chose to focus on the only visually dynamic element - the second hand, and enhanced it with color.

Industrial Design

Design principles are universal in both physical and digital products. Composition, color & texture combination, and a hierarchy of various elements - all are present in both fields. When I design physical products, I take engineering into consideration as well. Being aware of various engineering limitations saves precious development time and results in a well-designed product. 


Personal Project

My way to appreciate the music I listen to, is by using good equipment. I can't imagine a day at the office without my headphones. In addition, headphones are an accessory, and the quality of materials is important. While designing these headphones, I relied on clean shapes and "honest" materials (no plastic here). Main elements - the headband and the driver housing are made from stainless steel, which is resistant to the environment and heavy use. The adjustment knob is made from brass and will age beautifully over time. 

headphones design


Personal Project

"Every industrial designer, designs a lamp or a chair eventually" - this phrase is surprisingly precise. I designed this lamp, looking to reduce the visual noise on my work desk. While surfaces and curves have their rightful place, especially in automotive design, I prefer to use geometric shapes mostly. Products designed using basic shapes, reduce visual "clutter" and cause less impact on our brain. In such products, parts like buttons, knobs, adjustment elements provide the needed visual details. 

Mantis Vision F6 Smart

Studio Project

This is one of the most challenging projects I worked on during my time at Intovision studio. This is a handheld 3D scanner developed by Mantis Vision. It allows fast scanning of any object, previewing, and turning it into a 3D format file. Our client had a few major requests:

  • The product shouldn't exceed the weight of 1.2 kilograms (2.6 pound)

  • It has to be comfortable to hold for up to 15 minutes

  • The product must survive a fall from a 1 meter (3.2 feet) height

  • It has to be of an IP65 standard (dust sealed and water splash resistant)

3d scanner design mantis vision
3d scanner design mantis vision
3d scanner design mantis vision
3d scanner design mantis vision
3d scanner design mantis vision

The basic shape was dictated by the hardware components. Every extra gram of material affected the weight, so I had to look for the most rational component layout and only then design the outer shell.


Then came the battery - it was heavy and bulky. I had to find the most logical way to place it inside the scanner. Placing it at the front, caused a momentum on the hand and was uncomfortable to hold. After a few physical mockups, I decided to squeeze the battery inside the handle. By doing this we achieved a balance and despite the heavy weight, the device was still comfortable to hold. 

After year an a half, the product was successfully launched into a production and other variants are being developed.


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